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Laboratory Hot Air Oven manufacturers in India

Laboratory Hot air oven-manufacturers in India

Hot Air Oven manufacturers

Outer Body is made Of Mild Steel Sheet Duly Powder Coated. Inner Chamber And Perforated Trays are constructed Of Stainless Steel.Space Between Inner Chamber And Outer Wall Is Filled With 75MM High Grade Mineral Wool. Air Ventilators Are Also Provided On The Sides Of The Unit.Door Fitted With Heavy Duty Hinges And Door Handle Ensuring There Are No Leakages Through The Door Gasket. Fitted With Air Circulation Fan.Synthetic Door Gasket Made Of Neoprene On The Double Walled Door, Adjustable Shelves.

Type of Hot Air Ovens

There are two types of hot air ovens. One is a forced hot air oven and the other is a static air hot air oven. The forced air hot air oven is more effective than the static air hot air oven. The forced air hot air oven works by heating the oven and using a fan to move the hot air around.If you want to buy high quality Hot air oven then contact us.Accumax India will share hot air oven catalogue and best price.
The basic Principle of a hot air oven is to eliminate moisture from the material; therefore, it is used in related applications such as curing,drying, baking, annealing, Measurement of mixed liquor suspended solids(MLSS) and even storage of specific products at constant temperature in laboratory and hospitals etc. Being a renowned Hot Air oven manufacturers,Accumax India has developed wide range of hot air ovens for microbiology,medical and general laboratory uses and light industrial applications.Meeting all performance standards and equipped with advanced safety features including DIN12880,our laboratory hot air oven are considered most dependable forced air drying machines throughout India and worldwide.

As a leading hot air oven manufacturers, Accumax India makes hot air ovens with Digital Display in various temperature ranges,material of construction and chamber dimensions.Maximum operating temperature range of these ovens are 150°C, 200°C and 250°C which is controlled through microprocessor based PID temperature controller.It displays both set value (SV) and process value (PV). With the support of RTD PT100 temperature sensor, it measures the temperature precisely.Forced air circulation is obtained using high quality branded motor driven blower system.For heating, we use sheathed air heaters.Each unit is fitted with over temperature protection device (safety thermostat),that keeps your oven and samples safe in case of controller failure.A hot air oven should have attractive design, rugged construction and easy to clean surface; hence,inner chamber of our ovens is made of thick gauge of stainless steel sheet (SS 304 / SS 316). Corners are designed in such a way that cleaning becomes an easy job for user. Shelves are constructed of stainless steel wire mesh cable; these are removable in order to adjust the height level.Depending upon size of internal chamber quantity of shelves may vary from 2 to 5 or more. External cabinet is constructed of either powder coated GI sheet or stainless steel as required. For easy movement of large hot air ovens,caster wheels with brake are fitted at the bottom.

Inner Size (WxDxH) 355x355x355mm 455x455x455mm 605x605x605mm 605x605x910mm
Capacity 45 L 95 L 224 L 342 L
Heater Load 0.75 KW 1.50 KW 2.25 KW 2.25 KW
No. Of Shelves 2 2 2 3
Temperature Range 50°C - 250°C +/-2°C
Insulation Mineral Wool
Safety Device Thermostat
Type Forced Convection System.
Temperature Controller Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator
Electrical Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60H

Market we cover
Accumax India is a renowned Hot Air Oven manufacturers, suppliers,exporters in India and all over the world. Our major market includes
Indian market
In India we supply in states including delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, banaglore, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Baddi, Rudrapur, Haridwar, Roorkee, Orrisa, Haryana, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, etc.
International market
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Bahrain, UAE, Malaysia.

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